Music by Benny Golson; Lyrics to the solos by Art Farmer and Benny Golson from the recording Blues on Down by the Art Farmer-Benny Golson Jazztet (1961)


Solo by Benny Golson:

Baby, baby, won’t you wait just a minute while I say,

I love you so,

Don’t have a fit until you’ve heard all that I have got to say,

Just because I love you doesn’t mean that my eyes won’t see

just what they want to see,

Millions of pretty faces pass right by me ev’ry day on the sidewalk,

What, dear, can I do when I walk past a gorgeous girl,

Happy and free, smiling at me, there’s nothing more natural to do,

Then to smile a little too and to thank the laws of chemistry.


What can I do to make you hear me?

I would never lie to you, I would never hurt you, babe, you know it’s true,

Well, except that girl with the amazing set of eyes

And the other pretty things she had besides, Baby, trust me,

Ev’ry day I wake up by your side for a brand new day,

Gazing upon your sleeping face,

Wondering what those lovely lips of yours will say on this day.


But I know, when you wake, it’s “Andy!”

Ev’rything changes, I can’t take it day after day it’s the same,

I know I have my flaws, believe me,

But for ev’ry fault I have you know you’ve got twenty,

Maybe I’ve played around, but then I stayed around,

That counts for something when you think about it,

Baby, I don’t know just how much longer I can stay,

Ev’ry day I’m one step closer to the door

And closer to the life I had before,

Living life without regret, so tell me who could ask for more?

Solo by Art Farmer:

Mmm, wait a minute you,

Now just you wait, see my story through,

When we met you were sweet as honey,

Ev’ry thing you said, you meant it,

You made life a joy and a delight,

Other men had left me lonely,

Til I met you my life had one direction only,

Nothing less than headed for disaster.


But now I see,

Something came between us and it just ain’t right,

Our love soon became a repetitious game,

A game that you decided more than two should play in,

Baby, I know what you did, I know all of the things that you hid,

Now you know that I’m on to you kid,

I don’t know what is worse,

That you cheated or the fact that little tasty treat had nothing on me,

Well, they say that love is blind,

I think they got it wrong, lust is blinder still.


Ev’ry day I think I’m over you,

But then all the mem’ries come flooding back,

Ev’ry day I think I’m stronger too,

But oh, when you kiss me I haven’t a chance,

When you do that little thing, and you do that other little thing,

Then I know that I’m a fool, a fool in love with you

Til the end no matter what you put me through,

I’m still so hopelessly in love with you, baby, baby, never let me go.


Don’t think it’s over yet,

Though we’re on our way to making ev’rything feel right,

Nothing to fuss about, we never need to fight,

Promise me just one thing and we’ll never speak a word of this again,

Promise me just one thing more and we’ll be on our way to happiness and light,

Baby, there will come a day for me to hide things from you,

So promise me you’ll take me back as I have done for you

know that I love you…


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