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New Recording Project: Bossa Nuevo

Saturday, October 2nd, 2010

Last night, I sang with my dear bandmates from Bossa Nuevo in celebration of our self-titled debut release: Bossa Nuevo. The group came together after several conversations about mutual interests in music from South America informed by our training in jazz and classical music. In particular, Bossa Nuevo decided to dedicate itself to two genres and our name reflects this interest–Brazilian bossa nova and Argentinian tango nuevo. Click on the album cover below to hear it!


Bossa Nuevo

Bossa Nuevo ©2010

Our CD release party was a treat! We performed for a very appreciative audience at V. Picasso in Urbana, and now I am really looking forward to your comments on the CD itself. We are distributing the record through CdBaby. If you choose to buy a copy there, we would love it if you left a comment on our CdBaby page. Since our debut primarily features Brazilian bossa nova and MPB (música popular brasileira) songs, we plan to put any profits right back into another recording project that will highlight tango music.

But for now, enjoy the debut!


6th Annual Meadowbrook Jazz Walk

Bossa Nuevo at the 6th Annual Meadowbrook Jazz Walk